Interactive events to educate & inspire. An enthusiastic, thought-provoking presenter, Keri provides one-of-kind workshops for a variety of groups and audiences throughout the United States. At every high-energy, interactive event, Keri mingles motivational stories with solid resources and specific steps for making change.

Have a specific challenge at hand? Keri can help you address it. Every workshop is fully tailored to fit the needs of your unique organization.

Here are just a few of the topics Keri has tackled:

What Your Child’s Brain is Telling You
Learn how brain development and behavior are connected.

Loving the Mentally Ill and Staying Sane
Taking care of yourself to better take care of others.

How to Help Children Grieve
The do’s and don’ts of helping kids through tough times.

The Business of Working with Children and Families
Become an effective and compassionate business leader.

Staying Sane, Not Drained
Keeping your head above water when everyone needs your help.

Seeing Through the Eyes of a Child
Giving childhood back children (without falling behind).

Music for the Untrained but Willing
Simple steps for bringing music into the classroom and home.

Eliminating Power Struggles at Home
How to get everyone what they want without giving in.

Home Routines to Save You
Establish a schedule to minimize dirt, clutter, and chaos.

But What are They Learning? OR
How educators can promote the benefits of play to results-driven parents.

7 Styles of Preschool Learning
Develop a daily curriculum that meets all seven styles of learning.

Parents as Partners
Tips for participating in and supporting your child’s education.

Promoting Peace in the Classroom
Hands-on help for teaching empathy, problem solving, negotiation, and tolerance.

Customer Service Smarts
Learn how to pacify parents, exceed expectations, and create customers for life.

Accreditation Counseling
Guaranteed support for navigating the accreditation process.

What I Know for Sure: 8 Gifts to Give Children
8 things you absolutely must share with the kids in your life

Finding Joy in Parenting
Dump the feeling of duty and find the fun in everyday moments.

Encouraging Children to Mind (Without Losing Yours)
Creating a positive environment where children choose, learn, and thrive.

Super Administrator
Hire, inspire, train, and retain great employees.

Take the Torture Out of Training
Fresh, fun, and effective methods for training your staff.

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“Let me say your workshop was tops on my list of 21 others. The information was excellent!”
Rose Darling
CAEYC 2000 Conference attendee