When you have a child, you live in the wonder and amazement of being a mother. You want to do everything right. You want to give the very best of what you got. So you gather information, learn as much as you can, and try your hardest. I know this, because it’s exactly what I did when I was pregnant with my first son nearly 30 years ago.

Shortly before he was born, I worked as a bookkeeper for Bev Bos, a leader in early childhood development. She taught me about slowing down and putting children first. With those ideas as inspiration and my three-year-old in tow, I moved with my husband to a small town in the San Joaquin Valley. There, I opened my own parent co-operative school, Hand in Hand Preschool, where children’s early years were cherished, not hurried along.

After moving again — this time to Vancouver, Wash., USA — I baby-stepped my way to a college degree and secured a teaching post at Clark College Preschool. Later, as director of Little Acorn Preschool, enrollment more than tripled during my tenure.

Over the years, I grew to understand that I was put on earth to give parents the support and encouragement they need and to help them find the balance they seek. Today, as a certified coach, passionate educator, parent of seven children, and grandmother of one, I provide keynotes and workshops throughout the country, from West Virginia to Alaska. I hope to inspire others to give their very best selves to their children.


“Keri Krout validated all that we know from research about how young children learn to become lifelong learners, and empathetic citizens through joyful experiences of discovery during play. What a wonderful opportunity this is for parents, educators and all of us who are involved in the lives of young children.” – Karen Lipp, 1st Grade Teacher, Richland, Washington